About Us

“Namaskaram” “Vanakkam”

P Karan Swamy Guruji

I, karanswamy (20 years of experience) is one of the renowned Nadi astrologer and palm leaf reader in India. I belong to Valluvar caste, a native caste in Tamilnadu. We were the hereditary priests preaching and practicing astrology, astronomy and medicine at the time of pallava rulers. Before the arrival of Brahmins we are the hereditary astrologers of Vaithiswaran koil, a temple town and are experts in Nadi astrology.

I have started my career when I was 14 and continuing to enrich myself with this esoteric knowledge every day. This nadi astrology has been practiced by our ancestors years ago, I inherited and learned most of it from my Grandfather, who is also an astrologer. With his blessings horoscope analysis and nadi reading has become my main forte. By god’s grace I am well versed with Tamil, Telugu and Hindi.

Most of the astrologer’s indulge in praising their clients just to earn money. I as an astrologer personally believe an astrologer should never tell lies, if he does his ability of prediction will be lost.I have given predictions to many people in various fields only by finding their leaf. I believein dissemination of true knowledge and therefore I am also teaching others about this spiritual and holy science in order to share the importance and uniqueness of Nadi Astrology. I have branches at Tamilnadu, Vijayawada, Kakinada, Visakhapatnam, Hyderabad, Maharashtra, Pune etc. I have many foreign seekers from various countries like United Kingdom, United States of America, Australia, Singapore, Mauritius etc.